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Housos creator and comedian Rob Shehadie has a message for the PC brigade

Rob Shehadie has made a career off poking fun at Australia’s diverse cultures.

The Australian actor and comedian is one of the masterminds behind Fat Pizza, Housos and Here Come the Habibs, and he certainly isn’t one to shy away from pushing boundaries.

Shehadie’s latest comedy Street Smart, created in partnership with fellow funny-man Tahir Bilgic, does just that.

Their creations have always attracted criticism, with the PC brigade attacking how they highlight the stereotypes of different cultural groups.

Rob says “Twitter’s become the courtroom” and people are passing judgement from their keyboards without even given the shows a chance.

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“They’re depressed people,” he says.

“It’s sad. It’s sad that we are like that. And I hope they’re not, if they have kids, teaching their kids to be like that.

“Because our kids from a young age are happy. Then something goes wrong and they just turn, don’t they?”

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Street Smart hits our screens on Channel 10, Sunday night at 8pm.