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Hot diggity dog: This Sydney hot dog comes with a health warning

Josh Franco trained in fine dining kitchens and rubbed shoulders with well-known chefs.

But the pull of a simple, juicy burger was just too strong.

Josh is Originals Burger Co’s head honcho, and this month he’s has unveiled a creation that defies the generic formula and comes with a health warning.

ThA Smokin’ Dogg is a hot dog stacked with twisties, smoked meat and jalapeño chillies.

“Sounds like the perfect breakfast food to me,” Michael McLaren says.

Josh tells Michael his latest ‘burger’ was inspired by an American food safari.

“I travelled the States about two years ago.

“I’d sort of fallen in love with American food I suppose. It’s not too good for the waistline though!”

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You can try ThA Smokin’ Dogg at Originals Burger Co in Brookvale

Michael McLaren