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Hidden clauses in desalination plant contract triggered when dams hit 30 per cent

The controversial desalination plant has been switched on but what does that actually mean for Sydney?

Well, we won’t actually see any of its water coming through our taps until April.

And, regardless of whether the drought continues, we’ll be stuck with the added cost for at least a year.

Sydney Water signed a contract with the Canadian-owned private operator that stipulates the plant will remain on for at least 14 months.

Shadow Water Minister Chris Minns tells Steve Price there are other clauses in the contract that could cost taxpayers an absolute fortune.

“Once Sydney hits stage three water restrictions, the plans are to build another desalination plant.

“Whether this company has first right of refusal, we’re unsure but it must next to the one at Kurnell.

“And we have to get it under construction as soon as water supplies hit 30 per cent.”

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