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Health union pushing for extra security to protect doctors and nurses from assault

NSW Health Services Union is calling for at least 250 extra staff to be added to the state’s hospitals, to help combat violence against health workers.

We’ve seen a string of attacks in recent months, with a woman stabbing a man with a syringe at Lismore Hospital just last week.

“It’s not acceptable to have those who work every day caring for others, saving lives, scared to do their job,” says Deborah Knight.

A review of security measures in the state’s hospitals is currently underway, with recommendations set to be handed down in February.

Health Services Union Secretary Gerard Hayes says people are being physically or verbally assaulted on a daily basis and “it’s about time to make sure hospitals are safe”.

“We need at least 250 extra security staff, we need at least two people working together to manage a situation that might be getting out of control.”

“This is something that needs to be taken seriously.”

Mr Hayes says people who are “maliciously attacking or interfering with health workers” should have the “book thrown at them”.

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