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‘He really had a total hissy fit’, ABC host unleashes on studio audience

ABC host and comedian Wil Anderson has been accused of blowing up at his studio audience.

It’s claimed the comedian and host of the Gruen unleashed on his audience for not laughing at his jokes.

Following a Tuesday recording of the show, an audience member tweeted about what she’d witnessed.

Jane was also in the audience, telling Ben Fordham they got “nothing but abuse from him”.

“He appeared to start off in a foul mood and it got worse as the show went on and the abuse to the audience just continued.”

When one female audience member confronted the comedian, it’s reported he swore at her.

“He really had a total hissy fit. The angrier he got the more he stuffed up his own lines,” Jane says.

“He dropped the f-bomb I would say about 250 times during that night.”

The ABC has played down the incident but Jane is adamant the show that aired on Wednesday night is “chalk and cheese” to the reality.

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Image: Instagram