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‘He didn’t just cross a line, he fell off the edge of the world’: Andrew Bolt on ABC chaos

Justin Milne has resigned as the chairman of the ABC, saying he wants to take pressure off the national broadcaster.

Mr Milne is facing explosive allegations that he demanded the ABC’s former managing director Michelle Guthrie sack two high-profile journalists to appease the federal government.

It was first reported that Mr Milne wanted economics correspondent Emma Alberici fired because the government “hated her”.

It’s also alleged he demanded the ABC’s political editor Andrew Probyn be fired.

Andrew Bolt tells Chris Smith the ABC’s former chairman was within his rights to complain about bias within the organisation but did it for the “wrong reasons”.

“What he was actually complaining about to Michelle Guthrie were the right things to complain about for exactly the wrong reasons.

“Should he have complained about the amazing bias of Andrew Probyn, the political editor? Yes.

“But in every case, the reason he gave for complaining was that his mate the Prime Minister (Malcolm Turnbull) didn’t like it.

“That was where he didn’t just cross a line, he fell off the edge of the world.”

The ABC is meeting today to decide who will take over as Acting Director.

Andrew says Mr Milne has now made it “more difficult” for his replacement to tackle the “endemic bias” within the ABC.

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