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Has the new PM made a fashion faux pas?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been touring drought-affected areas of Queensland and the focus has been somewhat taken by his choice of fashion.

Instead of donning the iconic Akubra, as most of the nation’s leaders have done before him, Mr Morrison opted for a simple baseball cap.

It certainly has a few tongues wagging and Liberal senator Jim Molan has given Chris Smith his thoughts on the issue.

“I saw the photographs,” Senator Molan says.

“Of course I’ve worn a slouch hat produced by Akubra for a long, long time and putting a rabbit on your head is something we’ve always done.

“But I love that saying Chris, about all hat and no cattle.

“I think the PM has been very, very careful in trying not portray that he was coming out as a true-blue farmer.”

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Senator Molan has also weighed in on the arrival of a people smuggling vessel in far north Queensland this week.

The boat hit land near the Daintree River and is believed to have originated from Vietnam.

The suspected asylum seekers, some of whom fled into the Daintree Rainforest, are believed to have all been found.

“They’ve broken the law because they did not enter through a port and I think we can still deport them on that basis,” Senator Molan says.