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‘Has Albo had a few?’: Anthony Albanese responds to drinking claims

Anthony Albanese has given a speech in parliament, but a few people are accusing the Labor frontbencher of sinking back a few before taking to the mic.

Ten Eyewitness News reporter Hugh Riminton has retweeted the tweet asking the question, ‘Has Albo had a few?’.

And others have done the same…


Mr Albanese has since contacted Ben Fordham saying he wasn’t drunk, and is in fact is currently doing an alcohol-free month.

He spoke to Ben to respond to the claims.

“It just shows, Hugh Riminton who started this to be frank, sent out a tweet without bothering to check… pretty unprofessional.

“The dangers of social media, people just say whatever they like and people jump on it and it becomes fact.

“And nothing could be further from the truth.”

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