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Government reduces fines but budgets for higher fines revenue… Treasurer explains

The Treasurer of NSW says although they’re planning to reduce the number of fines handed out, government revenue from penalties will rise.

Budget papers show the government made $584 million dollars from fines last financial year, $632 million this year and will make $857 million by 2022.

Despite this, Dominic Perrottet insists it’s reducing the number and amount of fines being handed out.

“The fines aren’t going up. There’s more fines we’re budgeting for.

The Treasurer has launched a six-month review into fines across the state, largely targeted at parking fines.

“I encourage all the councillors who are listening to this program to cut your parking fines, like the NSW Government, by 25% because we want to make sure parking fines are fair, not revenue raising.

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There’s another major cost of living measure the government has announced which has slipped under the radar.

Motorists who spend more than $25 a week on tolls will get their car registration reimbursed.

The Treasurer knows the up to $750-savings will make a huge difference to many.

“The north-west of Sydney is going to benefit a lot out of this one.”

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