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Goverment splashes thousands of taxpayer money on social media influencers

Health Minister Greg Hunt is launching an immediate review, following revelations his department is splashing cash on social media influencers.

The Daily Telegraph reports over $600,000 of taxpayer money has been paid to so-called ‘influencers’ over the past 18 months, as part of a campaign to promote women’s health.

Minister Hunt isn’t happy, saying he’s “offended” by how the money has been spent.

Dan Anisse is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lumio, a data analytics company that assesses social media influencers.

He tells Ben Fordham the social stars, who have thousands of followers online, can be useful in selling a message but the government has executed the campaign poorly.

Dan says the government aimed to reach five million people through the posts, but “only two million valuable followers were reached”.

“The problem is the government… spends money on influencers without checking to see who is actually following them.

“What you need to analyse is how many valuable followers they’ve got, so how many followers are actually going to interact with the post.”

According to Lumio’s CEO, the government wasted most of their money and Ben Fordham agrees.

“They’re posting photos anyway of whatever healthy meal they had for breakfast or of them doing chin-ups.

“So why would you pay someone taxpayers’ money to upload photos that they’re uploading anyway?”

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