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Got a dodgy gift this Christmas? Here’s what you need to know

John Stanley

With Christmas now over, some of us may be noticing that our presents are dodgy or faulty.

But what are our rights when it comes to getting a refund or replacing a defective present?

New powers have been handed to Fair Trading which aim to help consumers.

NSW Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean explains traders can now be compelled by Fair Trading to fix the problem of a faulty good.

“Any good between $25 and $3000 dollars, Fair Trading will now have the power to direct the trader to refund, repair or replace that item,” he tells John Stanley.

“That law comes into force today.

“If you got a dodgy or defective Christmas present or you went to the Boxing Day sales and you purchased something that isn’t what you paid for… then you’re entitled to exercise these powers now.”

Mr Kean has also given tips on returning products and understanding warranty.

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