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‘Go woke, go broke’: Ben Fordham rips shreds off Hollywood’s ‘hypocrites’

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The Oscars have recorded an all-time low number of viewers and Ben Fordham says there’s one very clear reason for that.

Roughly 23.6 million viewers tuned into the awards ceremony, down from last year’s 29.5 million.

Ben says people have been switching off at record rates because of the influence of the “woke brigade”.

Actress Natalie Portman was praised when she made a statement in her custom embroidered cape, featuring the name of female directors who haven’t been recognised by the Academy.

But Ben points out that Ms Portman’s production company has only ever employed male directors with the exception of one female – herself!

“While Hollywood’s elite lectures all of us about our behaviour, these are the same people who protected the bloke called Harvey Weinstein.

“These people are hypocrites, award-winning, gold-plated, hypocrites.

“I’d like to thank the Academy for showing us once again that Hollywood is full of frauds.”

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Image: Getty/Jeff Kravitz