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From humble surfboard shaper to pitching to a Prince: Nev Hyman’s story is ‘astonishing’

Nev Hyman’s parents never wanted their son to be a surfboard shaper, let alone a surfer.

Growing up in the 60s, the surfing scene didn’t have the best reputation.

Nev persevered with his passion and eventually sold his surfboard company to the great athlete Kelly Slater.

But that’s just where his story gets interesting.

After investing in a plastics recycling company in 2004, Nev had an idea that could reshape the building industry and how we view construction.

His company – Nevhouse – constructs homes, classrooms and clinics using recyclable materials and it was an idea the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, was particularly fond of.

Last year, Nev presented his business model to the Pitch@Palace competition in front of British royalty. And he took out the win.

“I had about a week to prepare my entry to this opportunity,” Nev tells Ross Greenwood.

“I went, ‘Ah yeah I’ll give it a shot’. And I did.”

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