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Former QLD Nickel worker responds to Clive Palmer’s promise to repay

Clive Palmer has promised to pay back redundancy entitlements owed to former Queensland Nickel workers.

He says he will pay back millions of dollars owed to those who lost their jobs after Queensland Nickel collapsed in 2016.

Former QLD Nickel worker Steve Davey says he’s owed tens of thousands of dollars, as he only received half of his entitlements under the federal government’s repayment scheme.

But he says Mr Palmer’s new announcement comes at a highly convenient time: right before the federal election.

“It’s ironic how it’s perfect timing.

“Perfect timing to announce that he’s gonna pay for everybody’s money that’s owed when he always said that he wasn’t the director of the company.

“It was just a money making machine for him, and he didn’t care about anybody that worked there.”

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