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Former Biggest Loser trainer and taekwondo expert wants self defence in schools

Australia’s highest ranking female martial artist is pushing for schools to make self-defence classes mandatory.

34-year-old fitness guru and taekwondo expert Tiffany Hall wants children as young as 12 trained in martial arts.

She tells Ben Fordham just one or two hours of training can give a child the skills they need to potentially save their life.

“I’m proposing to integrate this into the PE curriculum at school to learn skills, but more importantly, to learn ways to avoid situations and to deal with it before it gets violent.”

The former Biggest Loser trainer says some schools already integrate a self-defence program but it needs to be rolled out across the board.

“It’s only positive. One hour out of the whole year, I can give you skills to save your life.”

She says it’s about “making boys, girls, men and women safe”.

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