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‘Face the facts’: Former AFP Commissioner explains why we MUST try pill testing

A former Australian Federal Police Commissioner has thrown his support behind pill testing and even decriminalising drugs.

Mick Palmer says there is evidence to suggest the approach has been successful overseas and clear proof that Australia’s “just say no” attitude hasn’t worked.

Experts behind a pill testing trial in the ACT will demonstrate the concept to interested New South Wales MPs, but the Premier won’t be among them.

The former AFP Commissioner spent 33 years as a cop and tells Steve Price, “we just have to face the facts”.

“What we’ve got doesn’t work. We can’t punish our way out of this problem,” says Mr Palmer.

“You and I, I’m sure, would like to see a completely drug-free society.

“That’s not the case, people aren’t being deterred.

“People talk about pill testing being a green light, we’ve got a huge red light up at the moment but I don’t see anybody stopping.”

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