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Experts pushing for outdoor lessons at schools

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Some experts are calling for classes to be held outside, after research suggests it proves it’s better learning environment for kids. 

“Kids need to be outside to thrive,” says John Stanley.

A study found 78 per cent of children who have regular free play outdoors are better able to concentrate in class.

Experts are using the findings to push for outdoor lessons and unstructured nature play to be incorporated into the curriculum in a bid to improve academic performance.

One school who realised the benefits of outdoor play years ago is The Kornmehl Centre Emanuel Preschool in Randwick.

Director Terry Aizen tells John it “absolutely” made a difference.

“Outdoor play is just so beneficial for the children in so may different ways and we embraced this type of learning in our preschool environment over the last five years.

“We’ve seen great results with the children in terms of their learning, their concentration, just being able to use their imagination to explore, collaborate, learn.”

Ms Aizen says outdoor play and lessons apply for all ages, not just preschool.

“It applies across the board.”

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