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EXCLUSIVE | NSW towns left without first response police

Officers are being taken away from frontline work to transport prisoners to court, leaving small towns at risk.

There are currently no first response police from Maitland to Tamworth because they’re tied up conveying prisoners to court and jail.

Mark Levy speaks with NSW Police Association Vice President Pat Gooley.

“This is something we’ve been trying to resolve for years.

“We brought it to government last year… but we’re just seeing no action on it.

“We had an agreement, the government just haven’t funded it, they’re just fobbing it off.

“It’s time for the Attorney General and Minister for Corrections to work together with the Premier to properly resource corrective services.”

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Mark also speaks with Macquarie Media State Political Reporter Tamara Wearne.

On Friday, Macquarie News obtained documents from Corrective Services NSW which put forward a plan for restructuring the state’s jails.

The documents also outlined job cuts.

“With the budgeting, they’re not being given enough money to budget enough staff to take prisoners on hospital visits and court visits.

“It’s a huge strain on the system.

“They need more funding, they need more staff, they need more people on.”

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Mark Levy has called on Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Troy Grant, to respond, but his office is labelling it as an operational issue.

“That is a cop-out.

“We have people at risk, their safety at risk in the state of NSW.

“Where’s Troy Grant? Nowhere to be seen or heard.

“You want to beat your chest and tell us you’re a former copper. Well, where are you when you should be addressing an issue?

“Operational issue, yeah right! What a load of BS.”

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