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EXCLUSIVE: Ray Hadley speaks with ex-partner of teacher who had sex with student

Ray Hadley speaks with the former partner of a teacher who had sex with a 17-year-old girl and got away with it on a technicality.

The man known only as PJ was charged with three counts of having sex with a person between 17 and 18 who was under his special care.

But, the NSW Criminal Court of Appeal has upheld a decision clearing the then-49-year-old of any guilt because the girl wasn’t in his class at the time.

‘Jane’ the ex-girlfriend of PJ contacted Ray to speak out against the man’s behaviour.

“I was there the night he was arrested. We had been living together for approximately five months.

“PJ phoned me one month after the arrest and he spilled everything out to me. He said it happened in our home, not in my bedroom, but in other areas of the home. It happened in his motor vehicle.

“Absolutely he groomed me to make it look like he had a great life and a happy relationship.

“Emotionally I wasn’t well and he played on that.”

Ray Hadley, “It’s apparent the law needs to change, I can’t believe we’ve had this in place all these years and no-one’s ever before come before a court on this matter.

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