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EXCLUSIVE | Hackers try to ransom Sydney residents’ data

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Computer hackers have attempted to steal and ransom data from thousands of residents in Sydney’s south.

Ray Hadley got a tip about the security breach at the Georges River Council last week.

The whistleblower claims council failed to pay an IT company for security, and as a result, systems were hacked.

The hackers reportedly demanded money, saying they would block them from accessing systems until they received it.

Georges River Council issued this statement to the Ray Hadley Morning Show:

“On Tuesday the 27th of February, Georges River Council was subject to an attempted cyber attack via malicious software, which tried to block council from accessing files while demanding a ransom.

“The attempted attack temporarily interfered with council service but did not access any of council or residents’ data.

“Council partners with qualified IT security companies which support the organisation’s day-to-day operation.

“Council security practices have protected the organisation form over 380,000 attempted malware intrusions this year alone.”

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