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EXCLUSIVE | Government lying about $2.3 billion trains that don’t fit in tunnels

The state government is digging a deeper hole for itself ahead of the delivery of new trains from overseas.

The locomotives were purchased from South Korea at a cost of $2.3 billion, and it’s now been discovered they’re too wide to fit through tunnels in the Blue Mountains.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance claims they knew all along that structural changes would have to be made to accommodate the trains.

But, Ray plays part of an interview he conducted with the minister in 2016, where it becomes clear that is a downright lie.

Now the government is attacking the opposition over trains ordered during Labor’s reign… but they’ve got their facts wrong again.

Ray speaks with Opposition Leader Luke Foley who says the government is clutching at straws.

“They’re comparing apples with oranges Ray.”

“There’s a bit of buck-passing going on between the Transport Minister and the Premier. Someone’s got to be accountable here.

“They’ve chalked up the trifecta. To sort this out this will require the increased cost of widening those tunnels that can be widened, the reduction of safety standards for the other tunnels that you simply can’t widen… and thirdly, slower journey times for passengers.”


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