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EXCLUSIVE | Dozens of doctors investigated over Medicare rort

A few weeks ago Ray was having dinner at a local restaurant when a member of the public came over to tell him about “the biggest rort you’ve ever heard”.

She told Ray doctors are using Enhanced Primary Care Plans, also known as Chronic Disease Management Plans, to rort Medicare.

Basically, doctors can sign patients up to these plans and then claim back hundreds of dollars through Medicare.

They’re designed for people with terminal medical conditions and/or complex care needs but are allegedly being used for patients with less critical issues like asthma.

Over the next month, Ray investigated the woman’s claim and found she is exactly right.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has now launched an investigation, telling Ray they’ve already found 20 doctors suspected of being involved.

“The number of these Chronic Disease Management Plans that a particular doctor is doing might be especially high.

“Relative to what the general doctor population is doing, they have a much higher percentage or they might be claiming for the same patient on multiple occasions.

“Of course, it’s only meant to happen once.”

Ray is confident there will be several more doctors caught up in the scam.

Minister Hunt has urged people who are aware of a dodgy doctor to contact police as well as his office via


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