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Etiquette expert claims ‘the more flesh you expose, the less credible you appear’

An etiquette expert says “the more flesh you expose, the less credible you appear” when you front court.

Her comments come after a woman, charged with drink driving, appeared before a Sydney magistrate in a tiny pair of denim shorts.

The magistrate told her the outfit was completely inappropriate and asked the 37-year-old if she had a jumper to tie around her outfit during the hearing.

So should there be a dress code?

Etiquette expert and founder of The Good Manners Company Anna Musson tells Ben Fordham “we should 100 per cent have a dress code”.

“It’s called a suit and this is etiquette 101 for going to court.”

But Ben is cutting the woman some slack.

“If she was going to the beach or a barbecue, it would’ve been the perfect look. There’s nothing wrong with short shorts.”

Ms Musson doesn’t quite agree.

“We want to appear as respectful, and respectable as we can so that we get a good outcome.

“For women, we must cove up,” she says.

“For men and women equally, the more flesh you expose, the less credible you appear.

“Whoever you are, cover-up.

“If you’ve got your arms out, and worse, your legs out and your mid-drift out, it’s very distracting and we are drawn to those items… it’s very distracting.”

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