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Energy Minister cracks down on providers grossly overcharging consumers

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg is turning up the heat on power companies who are wrongly billing their customers.

Energy providers could now be fined for charging their customers based on estimates of their meter if the bill is inaccurate.

Mr Frydenberg tells Ben Fordham the current system is unacceptable.

“It’s unacceptable that people get grossly inaccurate bills and then the energy companies get off scot-free.

“In one example, an AGL customer got an $8,000 gas bill when in reality their bill was $80.”

The Minister is pushing for the Australian Energy Market Commission to change National Energy Rules to permit consumers to send photos of their meter data to their providers.

“If there is any doubt they should be taking a photo and sending it through… and taking their energy company to task,” he says.

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