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Embarrassing typo on new $50 note

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A couple of eagle-eyed Aussies have noticed there’s an embarrassing typo on the new $50 note.

The new note was rolled out last October, and there are already 46 million of them in circulation.

But it took over six months for someone to notice that the word ‘responsibility’, shown in small print above Edith Cowan’s shoulder, is misspelled several times as ‘responsibilty’.

See the typo below

The Reserve Bank of Australia has been made aware of the error and say they’ll correct the typo in the next print run.

Some people are already trying to cash in on the mistake.

Managing Director Noble Numismatics Jim Noble tells Ross Greenwood because there are so many notes it will not be worth much to collectors.

“Most errors in bank notes occur as one of a kind when the actual printing process goes wrong.

“Although it sounds like a lot of notes, people will still think it’s something of value.”

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