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Dr Karl: ‘We’ve got to become a space-going race to survive’

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Have you looked up at the night sky recently?

Maybe you woke up early to catch the super eclipse or perhaps you caught the meteor zooming through our skies Saturday evening.

“Phenomena like that reminds of just how spectacular the universe is,” says Chris Smith.

To coincide with National Science Week, Living Universe, a new documentary exploring the great unknown will be screening at selected Event Cinemas 9-18 August.

Narrated by author and science commentator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, aka “Dr Karl”, it looks at the great mysteries of the universe.

He tells Chris Smith the universe isn’t just mysterious but “also threatening”.

“We nearly got wiped, we the human race.”

“In 2015 a big rock about one-tenth of the size of the rock that wiped out the dinosaurs missed us.”

If it had hit, Dr Karl says it would’ve wiped out anywhere between 10 to 70 per cent of the earth’s population.

“We’ve got to become a space-going race to survive.”

Dr Karl says we only understand about four per cent of the universe.

“The unimaginable things that we have no idea of will be commonplace in one generation.

“Astronomy has given us so many things in the past and astronomy will give us more”.

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