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‘Done and dusted’: Andrew Bolt weighs in as Liberal woes worsen

“The cracks in the Liberal Party look more like canyons at the moment,” says Chris Smith.

The dramas have continued for the government this week, following the Liberals’ crushing loss in Victoria.

Victorian MP Julia banks has defected from the party, with speculation swirling that backbencher Craig Kelly could do the same.

Andrew Bolt is weighing in on the government’s woes, telling Chris Smith there’s a clear split in the party, especially when it comes to global warming.

“It’s one people feel is very difficult to compromise on,” says Andrew.

“Today there’s going to be another one, that is the launch of Kerryn Phelps’ private member’s bill to get more kids off Nauru for medical treatment.

“That’s going to really split the Liberals… it’s going to really shake them.

“The hatreds in the party now are so, so deep and I don’t see any figure that’s able to unite them.”

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Chris doesn’t think there’s anything the government can do between now and the election that would make them competitive.

“I think it’s done and dusted,” says Andrew.

“I think it’s really about positioning for the future.

“They’ve got to be very careful of the damage they do now in these last months.”