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Does this facial recognition proposal go too far?

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Privacy concerns are being raised over a plan to create a national facial recognition hub.

The state government is trying to change the law to allow the license photo of every driver in New South Wales to be sent to a database.

Those photos could then be linked with CCTV footage.

The system is designed to identify potential terrorists, and fight crime.

But the State Council for Civil Liberties President Pauline Wright tells Ben Fordham it’s an intrusion on people’s privacy.

“We live in a liberal democracy and we’ve always valued our freedom,” she says.

“We feel it’s important we be able to go about our lawful business as ordinary citizens without being watched by the state.

“It’s one thing to have CCTVs to monitor if any criminal activity actually occurs.

“But it’s quite another thing to be able to identify individuals and monitor those individuals as they go about their business.”

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