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Does hypnotherapy actually work? We asked an expert

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Ben Fordham has been campaigning for the legalisation of e-cigarettes after evidence shows they’re helping people all over the world quit smoking.

During the show a few weeks ago, listener Tony told Ben he’d managed to kick the habit by being hypnotised.

It prompted a flow of listeners who’d also used hypnotherapy to aid various conditions to share their stories.

Hypnotherapist Mark Stephens tells Ben the power of hypnotherapy is “quite amazing”.

“During World War II, World War I… doctors were trained in clinical hypnosis techniques.

“They’d actually do hypnosis to numb the area by having the person imagine that their hand was going into snow… the power of the mind then takes over and numbs the area.”

But Mark says hypnosis is not without its sceptics.

“As soon as they hear the word hypnosis, they think of stage show hosts doing funny things and tricks to a room full of people for entertainment.

“Clinical hypnosis is quite different.”

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Mark tells Ben using hypnosis to break people’s habits is first about finding out what their triggers are.

“Are they having a cigarette after a meal, with a coffee, when they’re stressed, on a break?

“You then disconnect the triggers and have them visualise them doing something else.”

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