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‘Disappointing’: Police plead with public as Christmas road toll climbs

The national road toll over the Christmas period has now risen to 31 as police beg drivers to be more responsible.

Over the last ten days, 31 people have died on Australian roads, including eight in New South Wales and two in Queensland.

Despite double demerits and multiple warnings before the holiday period, police say they’re seeing an increase in reckless driver behaviour.

Just this morning a man was charged with drink driving after he allegedly crashed a three-tonne tipper truck carrying asbestos into four parked cars in Cronulla, NSW.

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy tells John Stanley police are begging drivers to be more responsible.

“It’s pretty disappointing actually. Our current deaths over this Christmas period sits at eight, which is one more than last year. 

“People that have got kids in the car and they’re actually on the phone or been drink driving and the kids aren’t restrained, it’s becoming a bit of a worry for us… we’ve seen this quite a bit.”

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