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Dick Smith: ‘We’re basically going to destroy Australia as we know it’

A new report has predicted Australia will be the world’s 11th largest economy by 2026 due to population growth.

Dick Smith, businessman and former Australian of the Year, tells Warren Moore Australia’s rapid population increase isn’t all good news.

“8 out of 10 Aussies are worried about this incredible population increase. Our increase is the highest in the Western world.

“The quality of life of most people will go backwards. We’re basically going to destroy Australia as we know it today.”

Mr Smith says the major political parties are “crazy” not to have a population policy.

“Aussies want a policy and they’re are just going to force people into voting for Pauline Hanson because she does have a policy on population.

“I believe in immigration but with the growth rate we have at the moment, at the end of this century we will have 100 million people in Australia. No-one thinks that’s a sensible number.”

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