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Dick Smith urges governemnt to help drought affected farmers

The story of Laura Jones overwhelmed our listeners yesterday.

Sharing her family’s story of heartbreak and struggle living through the drought on their farm in northwestern New South Wales was an incredibly brave move.

Chris Smith has been astounded by the number of callers to the program wanting to donate to the cause and offer their support for the Jones family.

Today, Laura tells Chris the phones haven’t stopped ringing and 30,000 litres of water is being delivered to her property.

It leaves Chris asking, how can we get government to offer serious assistance to farmers in need?

“Because right now, I reckon they’re doing bugger all.”

Dick Smith tells Chris politicians are far too out of the loop and is urging them to do more.

“The problem is they just don’t realise how bad it is.

“It’s really serious. There’s absolutely no doubt the government could be doing more.

“They’ve all become what we’d call risk-adverse, they’ve become actors on a stage, it’s all very sad.”

Dick Smith says politicians are hesitant to lend military resources because in case there is an incident, they could be held responsible.

“They should just say I’m a leader, I’m going to take the risk, I’m going to help our farmers.”

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