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Dick Smith: Prime Minister has to show leadership on population growth

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Australian businessman Dick Smith says we need to see leadership on population growth, as the Prime Minister suggests giving states more of a say on migration.

The federal government is considering handing states and territories more responsibility in determining migration intake.

The Australian reports the proposal would see states asked to submit skilled migrant requirements and prove they have sufficient infrastructure.

The federal government’s change in tune comes after NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian called for states to be given more power when it comes to migration intake.

She’s also recently called for “Howard era” migration levels, to allow infrastructure to “catch up”.

Population activist and Australian businessman Dick Smith tells Ben Fordham leadership on population growth needs to come from the top.

“What we need is the Prime Minister to say most Australians don’t want more people, every problem we have in the world today is harder to fix with more people.

“We should set an example here in Australia and stop the population growth.”

Dick says “we’re past the sweet point” when it comes to population numbers.

“One day we’ve got to stop growing, we should be doing that now.”

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