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Dick Smith accuses German giant Aldi of sucking wealth from our shores

Deborah Knight
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Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith has launched a sensational attack on German supermarket giant Aldi, accusing them of sucking wealth from our shores.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Dick says the “highly secretive company” is making their sensational profits by employing fewer Australians.

He says the typical Australian-owned supermarkets spend about eight per cent of the dollar consumers spend on employing Australians, but Aldi spends about half that.

“In effect, they’ve worked out a way of sacking Australians or not putting them on in the first place,” he says in the video.

Dick tells Deborah Knight he has fears the German supermarket has plans to take over Coles and Woolworths.

He says if that unfolds, thousands of Australians would be out of the job.

“About 200,000 people work for Coles and Woolies.

“With the Aldi formula of only having half as many people per dollar of turnover, that means 100,000 Australians would get the sack, wouldn’t have a job. That really worries me.”

Dick says Aldi is sending its wealth overseas to two “unbelievably rich” German billionaires and we’re suffering for it.

“They’ve never, ever given a media interview on what their plans are for Australia.

“The reason Aldi is so cheap is they basically share their wealth less!”

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