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Devastated father pleading for change after daughter’s death

The father of a young woman who was fatally struck by a car is pleading for change after the driver received a soft sentence.

27-year-old Yasmin McAllister died after being hit while crossing a road in Brisbane last June.

Yasmin’s father Glynn Harnell tells Ray Hadley the driver responsible was only charged with ‘undue care and attention’, receiving just a six-month driving disqualification and three-month suspended jail sentence.

Queensland, unlike most other states, doesn’t have a mid-range offence of negligent driving causing injury or death, meaning dangerous drivers are getting off lightly.

“How can someone, responsible by law for the death of a person in a motor vehicle… get a six-month driving disqualification? You get that for doing 30 over the limit, without injuring anyone!”, Ray says.

Glenn tells Ray he wants the government to make changes now.

“I have joined a group of people from Bundaberg who lost two siblings on Easter Monday and are campaigning for the introduction of that law in Queensland.”

The group has started a petition calling for government to get tougher on negligent drivers.

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