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Derryn Hinch says he’ll continue to drink despite liver transplant

After a late-night dinner in Melbourne on Monday, the federal Senator was knocked unconscious when he took a tumble getting out of a car.

He spent the night in hospital after being diagnosed with what he’s labelled as “slight brain trauma”.

This comes 10 years after he received a liver transplant.

Hinch insists he wasn’t drunk when he fell and tells Ben Fordham he will continue to drink alcohol in the future.

“It’s hardly a night on the wine if you have two glasses,” he says.

“You’ve got to live your life.”

Hinch admits he didn’t drink for 10 years but broke his sobriety two years ago.

He tells Ben he did it because he enjoys it.

“I knew as soon as I woke up in hospital I’d be accused of being back on the booze.”

He says he’s met the family of his organ donor.

“I talked to them after it came out a few years ago, and the mother didn’t mind!”

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