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Derryn Hinch is lobbying a legendary TV personality to run for Parliament

Ben Fordham Exclusive

Senator Derryn Hinch is lobbying a renowned Australian television journalist to run as a candidate for his party in New South Wales.

More than two weeks after the November 24 Victorian state election, the final upper house calculations have been released.

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party has won three seats, effectively giving the party the balance of power in Victoria.

In his first interview since the announcement, Senator Hinch tells Ben Fordham, “I’m honoured, I’m flattered, I’m surprised”.

The success has Ben asking whether Senator Hinch is looking at running candidates in New South Wales.

“I’ve got one name I’m begging to get .”

After being cagey with the details, Ben has a successful guess.

Ben: “Who is it?”

Senator: “I can’t tell you.”

Ben: “What’s his name?”

Senator: “Doesn’t matter.”

Ben: “What are his initials?”

Senator: “You can guess it. Think 60 Minutes.”

Ben: “Think 60 Minutes?”

Senator: “Goodbye.”

Ben: “Hang on a moment, you can’t leave me hanging like that!”

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Ben Fordham Exclusive