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Deputy principal sacked for cutting student’s hair

One of Melbourne’s top boy’s schools is in an uproar after the deputy principal was sacked for cutting a student’s hair.

Deputy Principal of Trinity Grammar School Rowan Brown cut the young boy’s hair after it was deemed too long for school photos.

The boy complied, but the school’s counsel was so outraged by Mr Brown’s conduct they sacked him.

The decision sparked an enormous backlash from current parents and students, as well as former students, who have condemned the sacking in a letter to the school.

Former Vice Caption of the school Denis Curnow tells Ben Fordham it’s a politically motivated decision.

“The sacking of Mr Brown is not about a haircut.

“It’s symptomatic of deeper issues that run far deeper in the school than the haircut itself,” he says.

Describing Mr Brown as “a beloved member of the school community”, Denis says the issue was resolved six weeks ago.

“The family issued a statement saying that the incident was handled perfectly well.”

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