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Damien Leith has the voice of an angel

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Versatility is the key to making it and surviving in the music business and there is none more versatile than former Australian Idol winner, Damien Leith.

Inspired by the gospel music that reignited Elvis Presley’s career, Damien joined Chris Smith for a live rendition of Amazing Grace,  one of the most beautiful gospel songs ever written.

“I leaned towards Elvis because the gospel music resonated most with me.

“Elvis loved it and after a concert in Las Vegas he’d invite people back to his penthouse where they’d sing gospel songs!” Damien told Chris.

Last year marked 40 years since Elvis’s death and to celebrate his life Damien performed a one-off concert, Elvis the Gospel collection.

The concert was a sell-out and now he’s ready to hit the road, performing the show at venues across the nation.

You can find the dates to Damien’s Australian tour here.

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