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Craig Laundy: ‘I am physically, mentally, emotionally absolutely annihilated’

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The man who has stood loyally by Malcolm Turnbull throughout the whole leadership fiasco, Craig Laundy, tells Ben Fordham he’s “physically, mentally, emotionally absolutely annihilated” following the Lipsill.

The Minister for Small and Family Business has been attempting to pour cold water on the fiery leadership challenge all week.

“I have sat back this week and I’ve watched the party I love tear down a great man and a great friend…and jeez…wow,” he tells Ben.

When asked how Malcolm is taking it, Craig admits “he’s shattered”.

“He’d turn to me and he’d look at me and just say, ‘They’ve lost their mind haven’t they?'”

Mr Laundry went on to defend the comparison between when Mr Turnbull ousted Tony Abbott and what happened this week.

“There’s a clear and distinct difference… when this happened with Malcolm in 2015, the backbench came to Malcolm in desperation.

“What’s happened… this week is that the Dutton forces have gone to the backbench.

“Some of the behaviour this week… I’ve had one female senator and two female members of the house, when it came to the letter – the petition, that were physically stood over to sign it, and they refused.

“That sort of intimation and bullying is something you can actually file a claim against.”

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