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Councils joins the fight against share bikes

Inner West Council Mayor Darcy Byrne tells Alan Jones his council is devising a plan to end the share bike disgrace taking over Sydney.

Thousands of bikes are being dumped all over the city, in unusual and unsafe places.

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Mayor Byrne says the government has dropped the ball, so local councils are stepping in.

“The haphazard nature with which these bikes have been rolled out on streets across Sydney has been disrespectful on behalf of bike share operators but also dangerous.

“We can’t have a situation in which pensioners who might be old a frail and immobile are unable to get up to the local shops because overseas bike share companies are dumping.

“Because Andrew Constance refused to intervene last year I’ve brought together the mayors of the six inner-most metropolitan councils and said we need a carrot and stick approach.

“We’ve got to send a message to these operators that they have to lift their game.”

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