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Council changes toilet signs because ‘unisex’ is deemed offensive

Hawkesbury Council will replace unisex toilet signs because “unisex” is deemed by some to be offensive.

The council will replace four unisex toilet signs with “toilet all gender” signs to align with “industry standards”.

The council has also forked out over $5,000 to join an organisation that promotes LGBTQI health while also wanting to hike up rates by about 30%.

Ben Fordham has pressed General Manager, Peter Conroy, on why the changes to the toilets are necessary.

“We’re talking about four signs that are on existing unisex toilet blocks. The gender-neutral signage is actually an industry standard.

“We asked… how we could assist the community’s appreciation of the diversity of relationships that exist and how we could make people in diverse relationships feel more included in and part of the community, and this is one the suggestions that came back.”

Each sign costs $90.

Ben asks Mr Conroy what the council will get from the $5,000 investment.

“I think the first thing is we can think about things before we speak and understand there are varying points of view,” he says.

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Hawkesbury councillor Sarah Richards called in to tell Ben not all councillors voted in favour of the resolution to change the toilet signs.

“I think it’s very important your listeners know that not all councillors voted for this.”

She says Liberal councillors did not vote in favour.

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