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‘Couldn’t lead a Mardi Gras if he was Ian Thorpe wearing a mankini’: Comedian leaves Alan in stitches

Alan Jones is encouraging all his listeners to see Jonathan Biggins’ comedy about one of Australia’s most iconic politicians.

After a sell-out 2019 tour, The Gospel According to Paul is back for another season.

“You’re not going to see anything better than this anywhere in the world,” says Alan.

Jonathan Biggins, who both wrote and stars in the show, joined Alan in studio and had him roaring with laughter at his Paul Keating impersonations.

“You know, you can just put on Paul’s voice and you can say ‘look, Scott Morrison, he is not a leader. He could not lead a Mardi Gras parade if he was Ian Thorpe wearing a mankini.

“You do not automatically become a man of the people, Alan, by putting on a baseball cap with the words ‘Make the Shire Great Again’. The last decent leader out of the Shire was a Hobbit.’

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