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Cookbook supporting our farmers: ‘This is a cause that speaks to so many Australians’

Australians are continuing to find inspiring and creative ways to help support our struggling farmers.

Celebrated cook and author Jody Vassallo has spearheaded a new cookbook designed to help raise funds to benefit the battling farmers across our country.

Ms Vassallo tells Chris Smith the cookbook idea first started with a simple post on social media asking for people within the food industry to help collaborate on the book.

“I had 200 replies within two hours,” she says.

Some of Australia’s most talented chefs, photographers, stylists, and editors responded to the request and generously donated their time to help bring this amazing book to life.

“It just swells my heart when people are just so generous.

“We’ve got Maggie Beer, Stephanie Alexander, Matt Preston, Matt Moran… there’s just been a raft of people.

“This is a cause that speaks to so many Australians.”

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Apart from printing and postage costs, all the proceeds of the sale of the cookbook will be sent to Rural Aid.

To find out more information and to order a copy of the book go to their website by clicking HERE.