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‘Complete waste of time’: Farmer slams absence of supermarkets from dairy code of conduct

Dairy farmers are set to benefit from a new mandatory code of conduct but one dairy farmer says it is useless without the inclusion of supermarkets.

Under the new Mandatory Dairy Code of Conduct announced today processors will have to let farmers know how much they will be paid over the life of a contract and will be unable to change the contract price or conditions.

Nationals MP David Gillespie tells Deborah Knight this will level the playing field.

“There has been quite a big imbalance, historically, between processors and dairy farmers.

“This puts in more certain rights when these contracts are written up.”

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After nearly 60 years on their Queensland dairy farm near Toowoomba, Scott Priebbenow and his elderly parents sold the last of their herd.

Scott tells Deborah the new code needs to cover the whole industry.

“Without the supermarkets being part of this dairy code of conduct it’s a complete waste of time.

“We shouldn’t be feeling like this… we feel like we’ve been screwed by the supermarkets.

“How much money have they made on the back of this drought compared to how many farmers have gone out of dairy and lost their herd and lost their income?”

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Image: Getty/Shinya Kumamaru/EyeEm