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Chinese telco giant major sponsor of our politicians’ travel

Deborah Knight

An alarming report has revealed Chinese technology giant Huawei is the largest corporate sponsor of overseas travel for Australian politicians.

Over eight years, the company has paid for more than one in five corporate-sponsored trips, with federal representatives seeing business class flights and accommodation paid for.

Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Insitute Peter Jennings says the research shows at least 12 federal politicians have taken the sponsored trips.

“At least 12, if we can go on the accuracy of the forms that politicians report their personal interests,” Mr Jennings tells Deborah Knight.

The report comes as the government debates whether the telco giant should be involved in the rollout of Australia’s 5G communications network.

Mr Jennings says we should expect greater transparency from our state and federal representatives.

“They really do need to be very careful about who they accept this sort of largesse from.

“I think it’s one thing if a think tank might ask you to come for a conference. It’s another thing if what you’re doing is really looking at the commercial purposes of a private company.”

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