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Childcare workers asked not to call kids ‘naughty’

Merrick Watts
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Researchers in the UK have found 95 per cent of childcare workers have banned the use of the word ‘naughty’ in their daycare centres.

The workers say they’ve phased out the word, as well as time outs and thinking chairs, due to “negative connotations”.

They say if you call a child ‘naughty’, it just leads to more bad behaviour in the future.

Child Psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg tells Merrick Watts it’s a ridiculous decision.

“Apparently it’s the new sin against the religion of childcare wokeness.

“This is stupid. Behaviour is naughty, children themselves are not inherently evil or wicked… anyone with half a brain will tell you that you need to point that out to them.”

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