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Childcare body denies succumbing to ‘PC brigade’ but admits confiscating toy guns

Mark Levy

A peak childcare body is rubbishing claims it’s part of the “PC brigade” despite accepting kids are taught why guns can be dangerous if they bring the fake weapons in.

The Daily Telegraph reports childcare centres are banning children from playing with fake weapons, with 1,600 facilities being surveyed about their policy on the issue.

Australian Childcare Alliance New South Wales President Lyn Connolly says the policy about replica weapons is nothing new.

“It’s not changed in 2018. This has been the case for many years,” she tells Mark Levy.

Lyn insists the body isn’t succumbing to political correctness but admits toy weapons are put in boxes if they’re brought in, with the children being taught “what would happen if somebody got shot with a gun”.

Mark Levy isn’t having it, questioning why we can’t just let kids be kids.

“If you’re banning games like cops and robbers and kids playing with guns and bows and arrows… I think it’s fair for people to say you are the PC brigade.

“They’re just four and five, they’re just having fun. They don’t know what’s right and wrong.”

The Telegraph reports parents are concerned outlawing toy weapons will hurt “imaginative play” but Lyn says “99% of childcare centres” already have rules in place.

“If children have guns, we talk to the children. It’s the same as anything else.

“Whatever could pose a risk to children in their daily life, as they’re growing up, we talk about.”

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