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Calls for voter ID to be produced at federal elections

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There are calls for voters to be forced to produce identification before having their say in federal elections.

The Coalition wants polling booths to check voters for government-issued ids or a valid proof of address.

Labor is opposed to the idea, calling it a “vehicle for voter suppression”.

It’s one of several recommendations made by the Coalition members.

They also want changes that would make it harder for minor parties to register.

Andrew Bolt tells Chris Smith there’s not “enough evidence of rorting” to warrant an ID card at the voting booth.

“But I suspect that we probably do need something. It does seem really lax how people are not expected to [show ID].

“We could be anyone. They say they check but you go could from booth to booth to booth to booth in the same electorate before they found you out.

“I still haven’t seen a single example of a seat changing because of suspected voting irregularity. ”

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