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Calls for habitual traffic offenders to be automatically jailed

A victim’s rights advocate says the scrapped Habitual Traffic Offenders (HTO) scheme must be replaced with an equivalent.

Under the policy, a person was automatically declared an HTO when convicted of three relevant serious driving offences in a five-year period.

They would be automatically banned from holding a driving licence for five years, on top of the bans received for the original offences.

It was dumped by the state government last year, despite the number of banned drivers committing offences reaching a new high.

Victims of Crime Assistance League President Howard Brown has told Alan Jones, there should be a new, much more severe three-strikes policy.

He’s calling for disqualified drivers caught a third time to be automatically jailed for five years.

“The problem with the removal of the Habitual Offenders declarations is that the government hasn’t put anything in its place to replace it.”

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